BORA Pivoting Pedestal Roller

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BORA Pedestal Pivoting Roller and multipurpose stand is ideal for working with long materials such as pipes, steel profiles or wooden planks and logs. The stand has adjustable height and 3 different sliding heads for different types of material. A special leg extension ensures maximum stability even on uneven surfaces.

Detailed information

Product detailed description


A folding roller stand that is an ideal helper when working with long material. Thanks to the swivel adjustable head, it guarantees maximum flexibility whether you are working with a wooden beam or a steel pipe. The swivel head acts as three stands in one: a stand support, a single roller and a multi-directional stand with ball bearings. The wide base with rubberized feet and special extender ensures stability even on uneven ground. The stand is fully foldable and takes up almost no space. The height is adjustable from 67 to 110 cm and of course there is a safety lock against spontaneous folding.

Main features of the BORA stand

✅ Pivoting head provides three stands in one
✅ Height adjustable from 67 to 110 cm
✅ Safe height lock
✅ Swivel leg extension for uneven surfaces
✅ Load capacity 68 kg

Additional parameters

Category: Sawhorses
Nosnost: 68 kg
Výška: 63 až 109 cm
Skládací: Ano
Multifunkční: Ano
Hmotnost: 4,5 kg
Materiál: Ocel
Povrch: Prášková barva
Počet v balení: 1