About the SUIZAN brand

SUIZAN is a Japanese hand tool manufacturer with over 100 years of experience. Their products made in Japan are appreciated by professionals and hobbyists around the world.

SUIZAN's main products include the so-called Nokogiri (鋸), which are special Japanese saws used throughout Southeast Asia. Unlike the European ones, these saws are designed primarily for cutting by pulling (not pushing apart). The main advantage of these saws is the high precision of the cut.

Among the best-selling Japanese saws is the Ryoba type, which has a double blade with a different bevel and tooth density for cross-cutting and rip-cutting in wood. The tooth size of this universal saw increases towards the tip, giving a fine and precise cut when cutting with the pull. The Dozuki type has an extremely narrow blade that puts minimal resistance when cutting, ensuring a precise and smooth surface for the material being cut. Due to its narrow profile, it is necessary that the back of the Dozuki is reinforced with steel reinforcement to prevent twisting and ensure stability when cutting. However, this reinforcement also limits the depth of cut. The Kataba type has a higher blade thickness as standard, which made it possible to keep the iconic steel reinforcement of the saw's back to a minimum. The shorter reinforcement makes this type of saw more suitable for use on deep cuts in wood.

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