Carpentry Chisel SK11 - 18 mm

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Carpentry chisel for wood from the Japanese brand SK11 with a hardness of Rc 62. The blade can be sharpened. The striker is connected to the blade. For regular carpentry use. Ergonomic non-slip rubber handle. Blade width 18 mm.

Detailed information

Product detailed description


Japanese chisel from the SK11 brand for grooving, edge trimming, carving, carpentry, or finishing work. The striker is connected to the blade for higher strength. Ergonomic rubber handle. The blade is sharpenable. Blade hardness 62 Rc.

Features of the SK11 chisel

✅ Suitable for DIY enthusiasts and professionals
✅ For general carpentry use
✅ Striker connected to the blade
✅ Blade hardness 62 Rc
✅ Non-slip handle

Additional parameters

Category: Traditional Carpentry Chisels
Blade profile: Flat
Blade width: 18 mm
O ring: Yes
Length: 250 mm
Diameter: 35 mm
Weight: 150 g
Quantity in package: 1