Double-Sided Adjustable Wrench SK11 Made of Chrome-Vanadium Steel - Span 30 mm - SPD-30GM

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Double-sided adjustable wrench SK11 small. On one side, adjustable jaws with a scale of 0-30 mm and on the other part, a ratchet wrench with a diameter of 17 mm. Made of chrome-vanadium steel. Lightweight perforated design.

Detailed information

Product detailed description


A lightweight double-sided wrench SK11. The wrench combines jaws with a scale of 0-30 mm and a ratchet with a diameter of 17 mm. With this wrench, you'll easily handle tightening or loosening nuts or clamps up to 30 mm in size. It is made of proven steel with an admixture of chrome and vanadium. An ideal wrench for workshops, service, and industrial use.

Features of the double-sided SK11 wrench

✅ Adjustable wrench 
✅ Chrome-vanadium steel
✅ Milled thread
✅ Lightweight construction
✅ All-metal wrench
✅ Wrench length 205 mm
✅ Ratchet diameter 17 mm
✅ Jaw range 0-30 mm
✅ Weight 230 g

Additional parameters

Category: Wrenches
Type: SPD-30GM
Length: 20.5 cm
Width: 6 cm
Height: 1 cm
Weight: 230 g
Anti-slip grip: No
Material: Chrome-Vanadium
Number in package: 1