Double-Sided Diamond Grinding Wheel SK11 - Grit 400 and 1000

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Double-sided diamond grinding wheel from the Japanese brand SK11 with dual grit #400 and #1000 JIS for sharpening hard metals, ceramic knives, cemented carbide, and others. Non-slip pad included in the package. Stone size 150 x 7 mm.

Detailed information

Product detailed description


Diamond grinding wheel, which can be used to sharpen hard metals, ceramic knives, or sintered carbides, which is not possible with regular grinding stones. It is more resistant to wear than standard Japanese water stones and does not require surface adjustment of the grinding stone. It is a double-sided wheel with a dual surface. Do not use oil, as it could damage the surface - if the stone gets clogged, use a brush and wash with soap. After washing with water, wipe off the water and thoroughly dry before storing.

Features of the diamond wheel:

✅ Dual grit JIS: #400 and #1000
✅ Double-sided diamond wheel
✅ For dull blades (#400) and regular sharpening (#1000)
✅ Anti-slip pad included in the package
✅ For materials unsuitable for regular water stones

Which grit to choose?

For sharpening really dull or uneven blades, use stones with a low JIS number (Japanese classification for grit). The lower the number, the coarser the stone. Stones with a high JIS number are intended for final and fine sharpening or smoothing.


  • #120 to #600 JIS: for dull and uneven blades
  • #700 to #2000 JIS: for normal sharpening
  • #3000 to #5000 JIS: for fine sharpening of quality blades
  • #6000+ JIS: extremely fine stones for smoothing or removing scratches

Additional parameters

Category: Diamond Stones
JIS Grit: 1000, 400
Diameter: 150 mm
Height: 7 mm
Weight: 1000 g
Number in package: 1