Japanese Branding Gauge YOITARIKI Kebiki with Sickle Blade

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Japanese plastic marking gauge Kama Kebiki 鎌毛引 with a sickle-shaped blade by YOITARIKI 与板利器. It is equipped with one retractable blade for easy marking and grooving of wood. Adjustable scale with wingnut lock. Sliding blades allow control over the groove width. The body of the tool is made from hardened plastic. Made in Japan.

Detailed information

Product detailed description


YOITARIKI 与板利器 a manufacturer of traditional Japanese tools and equipment used for precise craftsmanship. Comprehensive product lines with high added value make this brand one of the most popular throughout Japan. It produces both traditional and modernized carpentry tools.

Kama Kebiki 鎌毛引 – One indispensable tool for any Japanese carpenter is the adjustable marking gauge – a measuring tool with a scribing blade used as a scribing and marking tool with either one or two blades. Thanks to the measuring scale, marking can be quickly and accurately done using the hardened carbon blade on wooden, plastic, or drywall materials. The distance of the longer blade from the oak body of the gauge is 60 mm.


Features of the YOITARIKI marking gauge

✅ For creating grooves, slots, and marking
✅ Suitable for wood, drywall, plywood, and more
✅ Adjustable scale up to 60 mm
✅ With a sharp adjustable blade
✅ Body made of Japanese Boshu white oak
✅ Retractable blade made of hard carbon steel
✅ Made in Japan


Additional parameters

Category: Other Measuring Tools
Adjustable: Yes
Blade profile: Slanted
Blade width: 8 mm
Cut width: 60 mm
Width: 92 mm
Height: 85 mm
Depth: 70 mm
Weight: 202 g
Material: Carbon steel
Handle: Plastic
Number in package: 2 pieces (1 pair)
Made in: Japan: