Japanese Carving Mini-Chisel MIKISYO Power Grip with U Blade - 7.5 mm

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Japanese carving mini-chisel and carving tool by MIKISYO. Sharp and re-sharpenable blade. Suitable for general carving work. Ergonomic wooden Power Grip handle made of red oak. Blade width 7.5 mm. Made in Japan.

Detailed information

Product detailed description


Japanese carving mini-chisel from the MIKISYO brand with a 7.5 mm wide blade. Sharp and re-sharpenable blade. Can be sharpened using Japanese water stones. Ergonomic wooden Power Grip handle made of red oak for a better grip. A plastic cap protects the blade and the user from damage.


Features of the MIKISYO chisel

✅ For general carving use
✅ Sharp and re-sharpenable blade
✅ Ergonomic oak Power Grip handle
✅ U-profile blade
✅ Blade cover included
✅ Made in Japan

Additional parameters

Category: Carving Mini-chisels
Blade profile: U
Blade width: 7.5 mm
Length: 150 mm
Weight: 20 g
Material: Carbon steel
Made in: Japan
Quantity in package:1: