Japanese Carving Mini-Chisel SENKICHI with Angled Blade - 7.5 mm

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Japanese carving knife and carving tool by SENKICHI. The Yasuki blade with excellent wear resistance will maintain its sharpness for a long time. Suitable for general carving work. Can be sharpened using Japanese water stones. Blade width 7.5 mm. Made in Japan.

Detailed information

Product detailed description

senkichi_logoJapanese carving knife by the SENKICHI brand with a blade width of 7.5 mm. Very sharp and resharpenable Yasuki blade made of white steel with high carbon content, high durability, and excellent resistance. Can be sharpened using Japanese water stones.


SENKICHI Knife Features

✅ For general carving use
✅ High-quality Yasuki blade
✅ Resharpenable
✅ Made in Japan

Additional parameters

Category: Carving Mini-chisels
Blade width: 7.5 mm
Length: 210 mm
Diameter: 10 mm
Weight: 20 g
Material: Yasuki white steel
Made in: Japan
Quantity in package: 1