Japanese Marking Tool MIKIJYU CHIKICHI - 215 mm

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Japanese marking and grooving tool by MIKIJYU CHIKICHI. Without a scale. The blade with locking allows control over the groove depth. Backed with a polished stainless steel base for smooth handling. Made in Japan.

Detailed information

Product detailed description


Adjustable Japanese grooving and marking tool by the brand MIKIJYU. Blade and sliding mechanism lock using screws. The sliding guide is backed with a polished metal plate for smooth operation. Dimensions 154 x 269 x 62 mm. Thanks to the ruler, marking grooves can be quickly and efficiently made on wooden, plastic, or drywall projects.


Ruler features:

✅ For creating grooves, channels, and markings
✅ On wood, drywall, plywood, and more
✅ Adjustable width up to 215 mm
✅ With a sharp adjustable blade
✅ Locking using screws
✅ Polished metal plate for smooth operation
✅ Made in Japan

Additional parameters

Category: Other Measuring Tools
Width: 154 mm
Height: 269 mm
Depth: 62 mm
Cut width: up to 215 mm
Weight: 273 g
Made in: Japan
Quantity in package: 1