Japanese rasp SHINTO with double teeth - 200 mm

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Japanese hand carpentry file with a unique hollow construction that prevents clogging. From the brand SHINTO. Double-edged with different coarseness. Ergonomic non-slip handle. Blade length 200 mm. Made in Japan.

Detailed information

Product detailed description


The unique construction of this Japanese wood rasp consists of 10 hardened, twisted saw blades riveted together, forming a wide cutting surface. The biggest advantage of this unique rasp is its hollow construction, which eliminates clogging. Although these rasps are made for woodworking, they are also suitable for soft metals (e.g., aluminum or brass), plastics, or plaster. The Shinto rasp allows for high-speed material removal. The teeth extend to the edge, significantly facilitating work in corners. The rasp is equipped with a non-slip ergonomic handle with a dual structure of plastic and elastomer. Made in Japan.


Features of the SHINTO rasp

✅ Hardened saw blades
✅ Unique construction prevents clogging
✅ For wood, plastics, plaster, or soft metals
✅ Double-sided with different coarseness
✅ Non-slip ergonomic handle
✅ Top-notch lifespan and durability
✅ From the world-renowned brand SHINTO
✅ Made in Japan

The Shinto rasp has two working sides. The coarse side is used for shaping and rapid material removal, and the fine side for finishing cuts.

  • Fine side: 10 teeth per cm
  • Coarse side: 4 teeth per cm

Additional parameters

Category: Rasps and Files
Thickness: 4 + 10 teeth / 1 cm
Use: Wood, plastics, metal
Length: 340 mm
Width: 30 mm
Height: 30 mm
Double blade: Yes
Non-slip grip: Yes
Weight: 174 g
Made in: Japan
Number in package: 1