Japanese Round Carving Chisel YOSHIHIRO Tataki Marusukui - 15 mm

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Traditional Japanese round chisel with a groove, type Tataki Nomi 叩き鑿 – striking chisel, shape Marusukui Nomi マルスクイ鑿 – round, convex shape, from the brand YOSHIHIRO. Laminated two-layer blade with high durability and sharpness. The body is created using blacksmith welding. Suitable for general carving use. Blade width 15 mm. Made in Japan.

Detailed information

Product detailed description


YOSHIHIRO – manufacturer of traditional Japanese tools and equipment used for precise craftsmanship. Produces both traditional and modernized carpentry tools.

Marusukui Nomi マルスクイ鑿 a type of chisel used for shaping inner curves and hollowing out hard-to-reach places. It is made in various radii and widths. A traditional motif in Japanese woodworking is the precise processing of a wooden board so that it fits snugly around a column or a natural element, such as a stone or a tree trunk. 

The blades of traditional Japanese chisels Nomi 鑿 – are made by joining two layers of steel. The body of the chisel is intentionally made of soft steel, which absorbs the impact when struck with a wooden mallet or metal hammer, thus reducing the chance of damaging the tool. However, the edge is made of extremely hard carbon steel, which during production becomes a layer with a hardness of 62 HRC for classic Nomi chisels, up to a hardness of 67 HRC for Japanese chisels with an HSS blade, while classic European chisels only reach a hardness of 58 to 60 HRC.

The steel ferrule, a metal ring at the end of the handle of Japanese chisels, needs to be precisely fitted before first use, to prevent splintering of the wooden end of the handle under the blows of the mallet.


Features of YOSHIHIRO chisels

✅ Traditional carving chisel
✅ Marusukui マルスクイ鑿 shape
✅ For general carving use
✅ Handmade
✅ Blade made of white carbon steel
✅ White paper steel
✅ U profile blade
✅ Handle made of red oak
✅ Made in Japan

There are two main types of Japanese chisels.

It is important to choose the right chisel, as there is a correct chisel for every task. Now, let us introduce the most basic two types of Japanese chisels Nomi. Want to know more?


How to properly seat the steel ferrule?

The steel ferrule of the Japanese chisels Nomi needs to be precisely seated before first use, to prevent splintering of the wooden end of the handle under the blows of the mallet and also to protect your hand from a possible hammer strike. All you will need are a Japanese tapping chisel, a steel hammer, and a solid table surface or a larger piece of iron. Want to know more?


Additional parameters

Category: Traditional Carving Chisels
Blade profile: U
Blade width: 15 mm
O ring: Yes
Length: 170 mm
Diameter: 23 mm
Weight: 85 g
Handmade: Yes
Material: Carbon steel
Number in package: 1
Made in: Japan