Japanese Saw E-VALUE Kataba with Spare Blade - 265 mm

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Japanese hand saw type Kataba by the brand E-VALUE with a blade length of 265 mm. Replacement blade included in the package. The saw has a short steel back and a traditional wooden handle wrapped in rattan. Suitable for beginners. The blade is treated with oil against corrosion and resin. Blade thickness only 0.6 mm. Made in Japan.

Detailed information

Product detailed description


Nokogiri (鋸) are special Japanese saws used throughout South Asia. Unlike European saws, these are primarily designed for pull cuts (not pushing away from oneself). The main advantage of these saws is the high precision of the cut. The Kataba type has teeth on one side only and, due to the shortened back, also a thicker blade thickness for greater strength. Thanks to this short back, deep cuts into wood can be easily made with the Kataba saw.

Features of the Kataba saw:

✅ "Pull" saw
✅ Impulse-hardened blade
✅ Blade thickness 0.6 mm
✅ For deep cuts into wood
✅ Protection against corrosion and resin
✅ Traditional wooden handle with rattan
Replaceable blade included in the package
✅ Made in Japan

Why want a pull saw?

Japanese saws, unlike European ones, are made for pull cuts. This cutting method requires less effort and allows you to make a precise, clean, and accurate cut. The iconic narrow and flexible blade of Japanese saws, moreover, does not twist during the pulling motion, so your cut remains perfectly straight. The vast majority of Japanese hand saws have a higher blade profile and a high density of teeth. The ideal tool not only for detailing your projects. Want to know more?


Additional parameters

Category: Kataba
Blade length: 265 mm
Blade Thickness: 0.6 mm
Cut type: Crosswise
Handle: Wooden
Tooth pitch: 1.6 mm
Type: Kataba
Type of saw: Pull
Blade included: Yes
Made in: Japan
Quantity in package: 1+1