Japanese Sharpening Stone KING - Grit 1200

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Sharpening stone from the brand KING Deluxe Stone for sharpening common kitchen, workshop knives, chisels, and planes. Water sharpening stone with a grit of #1200. Made in Japan.

Detailed information

Product detailed description


KING sharpening stones are designed for sharpening tools from carving chisels, planes to kitchen knives using water. Grit #1200 for perfect sharpness – thanks to the fine stone, you can even sharpen a very fine needle-tip on the edge of the blade and achieve a perfectly sharpened edge in a moment.

This is a type of absorption whetstone with fine synthetic grain, which needs to be soaked in a water bath for 10 minutes before use. Before use, just drip water on it to achieve a smooth surface during sharpening.


Features of the KING Sharpening Stone

✅ Water sharpening stone
✅ Made of high-quality abrasive material
✅ Fine and solid structure
✅ Sharpens with a small amount of water
✅ Grit #1200
✅ For precise sharpening
✅ Made in Japan

Which grit to choose?

For sharpening really dull or uneven blades, use stones with a low JIS number (Japanese classification for grit size). The lower the number, the coarser the stone. Stones with high JIS numbers are intended for final and fine sharpening or smoothing.


  • #120 to #600 JIS: for dull and uneven blades
  • #700 to #2000 JIS: for normal sharpening
  • #3000 to #5000 JIS: for fine sharpening of quality blades
  • #6000+ JIS: extremely fine stones for smoothing or removing scratches
About KING Company

Synthetic sharpening stones produced by KING achieve globally recognized high quality. The company's history dates back to 1948 when it was founded in Osaka as Matsunaga Toishi Co., Ltd, and sharpening stones under the name KING are its main business item.

Additional parameters

Category: Medium (700-2000)
JIS Grit: 1200.0
Type: Water
Length: 208 mm
Width: 65 mm
Height: 34 mm
Weight: 882 g
Stand in package: No
Quantity per package:1:
Made in: Japan