STRONGBOLD H800 Superhorse - 1 pair

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The ultimate upgrade for your workshop. STRONGBOLD H800 is the next-generation telescopic sawhorse built to last. Made of durable powder-coated high-grade steel construction. Galvanized height-adjustable legs with pivoting anti-slip feet provide a reliable support structure. Quickly create a jobsite table with adjustable brackets able to fit 4x4 or 2x4 beams. Capable of carrying up to 1.180 kg of work material. Recessed carry handle for easy carrying and transport.

Detailed information

Product detailed description


Strongbold H800 provides unparalleled stability in difficult terrain thanks to its separately-adjustable telescopic leg mechanism that can be secured in 9 different positions. When fully extended, it provides a stable work surface up to a height of 82 cm. Robust and high-quality high-grade steel construction with powder coated finish for maximum durability. Non-slip top surface prevents unwanted movement of any material. Recessed handle and practical folding mechanism makes the sawhorse easily portable.


H800 is no scrawny sawhorse - you can load up to 1.180 kg of materials on the top of one pair. Adjustable galvanized telescopic brackets can easily fit 2x4 and 4x4 to create a dependable jobsite table and can be also used as a cutting support. Folding material support pegs built into the design of the legs can be used for cutting board materials with a maximum load capacity of 120 kg (when used in pair).



✅ Height adjustable up to 82 cm
✅ Robust powder-coated high-grade steel construction
✅ Galvanized legs with pivoting anti-slip feet
✅ Telescopic work-table support arms
✅ Practical folding mechanism with secure locks
✅ Sheet material support pegs
✅ Recessed handle for easy carrying
✅ Maximum load capacity of up to 1.180 kg

With Strongbold you don’t need to be afraid to take your work projects to the next level. H800 is suitable for both demanding professionals and DIYer alike who want reliable and portable work surface. They are suitable to be used with 2x4, 4x4 as well as logs or board materials. Place heavy-duty content on top without having to worry. When you are done, fold them away and move them anywhere in no time.


Additional parameters

Category: Sawhorses
Weight capacity: 1.180 kg / pair
Height: 61 to 82 cm
Dimensions: 110 x 15 x 10 cm
Suitable for beams: 2x4, 4x4
Adjustable height: Yes
Weight: 10 kg
Material: High-grade Steel
Surface: Powder paint
Packaging: 2 pcs

Znacka Strongbold


About the STRONGBOLD brand

STRONGBOLD is a relatively new brand specialising in the manufacture and development of unique tools and work equipment.

Their main product is the S1 bench vise, which allows clamping of work material up to 95 cm wide at a clamping force of 10 kN (1 tonne). The jaws of the vise can be operated with the foot using the built-in pedal, giving you 100% hands free to work. The vise can also be used as a work goat with a maximum load capacity of 250 kg.

Strongbold is also in the process of producing unique high precision dimensioning rulers for professional use and a set of high capacity folding sawhorses.