Traditional Japanese Carpentry Chisel SENKICHI KIN - 18 mm

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Handmade Japanese forged chisel of the highest quality by the brand SENKICHI KIN of the Tatakinomi type (叩き鑿). Laminated two-layer blade with high hardness and double hollow reduces friction of the processed material. The body is created by blacksmith welding method. The edge is set into the handle at a slight angle. Suitable for general carpentry use. Blade width 18 mm. Made in Japan

Detailed information

Product detailed description


The blades of traditional Japanese Nomi chisels (鑿) are made by laminating a two-layer steel. The body itself is intentionally made of a softer material that absorbs impacts when struck with a mallet and reduces the chance of damaging the tool. However, the edge is made from extremely hard carbon steel, which during manufacturing becomes a layer with 62 Rc hardness for classic Nomi chisels, up to 67 Rc hardness for Japanese chisels with an HSS blade, while classic European chisels only reach 58 to 60 Rc.

Handmade Nomi chisels are created using a blacksmith welding method that was used worldwide before the advent of cheap mass-produced steel. Unfortunately, this once excellent technique is practically no longer used in chisel manufacturing outside of Japan today.


Features of the Nomi chisel

✅ Traditional Japanese Nomi chisel
✅ For general carpentry use
✅ Handmade
✅ Blade hardness 63 Rc
✅ Double-beveled edge profile = less friction
✅ Edge at an angle = higher working depth
✅ Handle made of red oak
✅ Made in Japan

The blade is set into the handle at a slight angle, which allows for a higher working depth. The selected edge profile reduces the area that the chisel touches the processed wood and lowers the friction of the material. At the same time, this makes the chisel easier to sharpen and after re-sharpening, the blade maintains its straight shape. Sharpening these chisels is recommended using wet Japanese whetstones, which rewards you with excellent sharpness and edge durability for a long time.

The ferrule of the Nomi chisel needs to be fitted before first use.

Additional parameters

Category: Traditional Carpentry Chisels
Blade profile: Flat
Blade width: 18 mm
O ring: Yes
Length: 230 mm
Diameter: 25 mm
Weight: 100 g
Handmade: Yes
Material: Carbon steel
Made in: Japan
Number in package: 1