Craftsman Bag SK11 SPIDER - SPD-ML01

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Brand: SK11
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Craftsman bag SK11 in black with red accents. The bag is made of nylon combined with faux leather. A total of 6 pockets.

Detailed information

Product detailed description


A craftsman's bag from the brand SK11 of the SPIDER type, which you can easily attach to a belt or work straps. The bag has 2 large pockets in the middle divided into 2 smaller ones, allowing us to store tools and, for example, fastening materials separately. One pocket on each side. The bag is equipped with 2 metal loops for hanging tape or carabiners.

Features of the SK11 Craftsman's Bag

✅ Craftsman's belt bag
✅ Combination of nylon and synthetic leather
✅ Loops and eyelets for hanging
✅ Attractive combination of black and red colors
✅ A total of 6 pockets
✅ Middle pocket depth 21 cm
✅ Pockets inside divided into 2 smaller ones
✅ 2× side loop

Additional parameters

Category: Tool Pouches
Type: SPD-ML01
Height: 29 cm
Width: 20.5 cm
Depth: 21 cm
Compatible with: any belt
Number of pockets and loops: 8
Stand: No
Waterproof: No
Material: Nylon, faux leather
Material thickness: 5 mm
Weight: 169 g
Number in package: 1