Japanese Folding Knife Higonokami NAGAO from Yasuki Steel - Blade M - 66 mm

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The traditional Japanese folding knife Mizushibuki Higonokami from the NAGAO KANEKOMA Factory, which is similar to the Czech "fish knife", features a high-quality blade made from blue steel – Yasuki Aogami Warikomi blue paper steel. It is suitable for carving and other common tasks in the workshop, garden, or forest. Made in Japan.

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Product detailed description


High-quality Japanese carving and folding knife. Suitable for any craft, hobby use, or fishing. Extremely sharp blade made of high-quality Yasugi blue steel. It is easy to sharpen, guaranteeing many years of use. For sharpening this knife, we recommend Japanese water stones. This carving and drawing knife is a fantastic way to have a quality Japanese blade at home without spending a lot of money.


Nagao Kanekoma 永尾駒製作所 – currently the only Japanese manufacturer of Higonokami knives, maintaining its traditional production methods for five generations. It is also the sole owner of the Higokonami trademark in the world.

Higonokami 肥後守 – a Japanese folding knife suitable for any craft or hobby use. A Japanese all-purpose tool. It is comparable to the Czech "rybička" and can be used for wood carving or fishing, for example. Extremely sharp blade made of high-quality Aogami Warikomi Yasuki blue steel. It is easy to sharpen, guaranteeing many years of use. For sharpening this knife, we recommend Japanese water stones. The handle has a water droplet effect. This carving knife could also be described as a Japanese national product. It is patent-protected and produced by only one workshop. They are the only ones who have maintained the tradition and know-how under the Higonokami trademark for five generations.

Aogami Warikomi – blue steel, also known as blue paper steel, from which the blade of this Higonokami knife is made, is characterized by a high carbon content of 1.4 - 1.5%. This allows the blade to be hardened up to 62 HRC.

The "M" designation in the name – indicates the blade width.

Features of the Higonokami NAGAO knife

✅ Traditional Japanese folding knife
✅ Blade made of laminated Yasugi blue steel
✅ Blue paper steel Aogami Warikomi
✅ Japanese equivalent of the Czech "rybička"
✅ For fishing and any craft or hobby use
✅ Anti-slip resin droplets on the handle
✅ Made in Japan

Inside the NAGAO family production

nagao_family_higonokami_knive_making_of_001forging of the Yasugi blue steel blade 

nagao_family_higonokami_knive_making_of_003classic coal furnace 

nagao_family_higonokami_knive_making_of_004master sharpener at work

Additional parameters

Category: Higonokami
Blade length: 66 mm
Length: 158 mm
Width: 17 mm
Handle length: 93 mm
Weight: 33 g
Blade thickness: 2.5 mm
Blade: Yasugi carbon steel
Handle: Metal
Number in package: 1
Made in: Japan