Japanese Folding Knife Higonokami NAGAO made of Yasuki Steel - Blade M - 68 mm

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The traditional Japanese folding knife Mizushibuki Higonokami from the NAGAO KANEKOMA Factory, which is similar to the Czech "fishknife", has a high-quality blade made of blue steel – Yasuki Aogami Warikomi blue paper steel. It is suitable for carving and other common tasks in the workshop, garden, or forest. Made in Japan.

Detailed information

Product detailed description


High-quality Japanese carving and folding knife. Suitable for any craftsmanship and hobby use or fishing. Extremely sharp blade made of high-quality blue Yasugi steel. Easy to sharpen, which guarantees long-term use. We recommend Japanese water stones for sharpening this knife. This carving and marking knife is a fantastic way to have a quality Japanese blade at home without having to spend a lot of money.


Nagao Kanekoma 永尾駒製作所 – currently the only Japanese manufacturer of Higonokami knives, maintaining its traditional production methods for five generations. Also, the sole owner of the Higonokami trademark in the world.

Higonokami 肥後守 – a Japanese folding knife suitable for any craftsmanship and hobby use. A Japanese all-rounder. It is comparable to the Czech "fish knife" and can be utilized for wood carving or even fishing. Extremely sharp blade made of high-quality Aogami Warikomi Yasuki blue steel. Easy to sharpen, which guarantees long-term use. We recommend Japanese water stones for sharpening this knife. Handle with water droplet effect. This carving knife could also be described as a Japanese national product. It is patent-protected and now produced by only one workshop. They are the only ones who have maintained the tradition and know-how under the Higonokami trademark for five generations.

Aogami Warikomi – blue steel, also known as blue paper steel, from which the blade of this Higonokami knife is made, is characterized by a high carbon content of 1.4 - 1.5%. This allows the blade to be hardened up to 62 HRC.

The M designation in the name – indicates the blade width.

Features of the Higonokami NAGAO knife

✅ Traditional Japanese folding knife
✅ High-quality blade from Yasugi blue steel
✅ Blue paper steel Aogami Warikomi
✅ Japanese "fish knife"
✅ For fishing and any craftsmanship or hobby use
✅ Anti-slip resin droplets on the handle
✅ Made in Japan

Inside the NAGAO family production

nagao_family_higonokami_knive_making_of_001forging the blade from Yasugi blue steel 

nagao_family_higonokami_knive_making_of_003classic coal forge 

nagao_family_higonokami_knive_making_of_004master sharpener at work

Additional parameters

Category: Higonokami
Blade length: 68 mm
Length: 160 mm
Width: 18 mm
Handle length: 93 mm
Weight: 31 g
Blade thickness: 2.3 mm
Blade: Yasugi carbon steel
Handle: Metal
Number in package: 1
Made in: Japan