Japanese Hand File Tsubosan - 200 mm

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Japanese hand carpentry rasp and file with a rubber handle by the brand SK11 featuring a branded double edge by Tsubosan with different coarseness and profile. Designed for working with wood. Coarse round rasp, fine flat file. Made in Japan.

Detailed information

Product detailed description


Tsubosan – a renowned Japanese manufacturer of rasps and files. A Japanese double-sided rasp and file with double coarseness and double profile. The flat side of the file has teeth with a finer coarseness. The semi-circular side of the file has teeth with a higher coarseness. Rasp length 200 mm. Designed for working with wood. The metal part of the rasp-file is supplied by Tsubosan, which is known for its quality rasps and files.


Features of the Tsubosan rasp

✅ Blade made of hard carbon steel by Tsubosan
✅ Rubber handle by SK11 brand
✅ For basic wood processing
✅ For both rough and fine removal
✅ Dual coarseness
✅ Dual profile
✅ Made in Japan

Additional parameters

Category: Rasps and Files
Length: 310 mm
Blade length: 200 mm
Width: 32 mm
Depth: 20 mm
Weight: 148 g
Quantity per pack: 1
Made in: Japan