Japanese Traditional Chalk Line SENKICHI Sumitsubo - 8 m

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Traditional Japanese chalk line Sumitsubo 墨壺 from SENKICHI with a nylon cord and a container with cotton wool for colored ink. The body of the marker is cast from plastic, the spool turns smoothly on a steel pivot. Traditional look Genji with a motif of a turtle and a Japanese crane.

Detailed information

Product detailed description

senkichi_logo_regalsTraditional Japanese chalk line Sumitsubo 墨壺 by SENKICHI – a faithful copy made according to an ancient snap-line. The relief of the turtle and the Japanese crane, a water bird that symbolizes prosperity and happiness. Traditional Japanese craftsmanship is deeply connected with mythological scenes. Either way, with this tool, Japanese carpenters and joiners once marked beams, battens, and planks for precise cutting and also laid out the floor plans of wooden homes and monasteries. Inside the container is a bundle of cotton wool, into which you pour colored ink and you're ready to work. The yellow nylon cord is strong and withstands countless snaps.


Features of the SENKICHI Chalk Line

✅ Ancient traditional Genji appearance
✅ Durable plastic body
✅ Cotton wool
✅ Nylon cord
✅ 10 m rewind
✅ Locking pin
✅ Made in Japan

About the SENKICHI Brand 千吉

SENKICHI specializes in carpentry and joinery products. Special chisels, saws, and planes used by artisans across Japan in daily application. Additionally, they also manufacture gardening tools. On the REGALS.cz e-shop, you will find a rich selection of carpentry chisels from this manufacturer.

How to Use the Snap-Line?

Drive the locking pin into the starting point and stretch the cord to the mark. Then take the cord, colored with ink or chalk, and "snap" it like a string. When the cord hits the material, it releases the color and you have your marking. Precise lines for laying the foundation of a building or for accurate cutting of battens on the roof. The uses are countless. Want to know more?


Additional parameters

Category: Chalk lines
Cord length: 8 m
Cord thickness: 0.6 mm
Self-winding: No
Winding lock: No
Replaceable cartridge: Yes
Needle end: Yes
Length: 250 mm
Width: 90 mm
Depth: 110 mm
Tank volume: 10 ml
Ink included: No
Weight: 256 g
Number in package: 1:
Made in: Japan