Red chalk marking paint TAKUMI for line marker – 300 g

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Red powder chalk from the Japanese brand SHINWA as a replacement refill for chalk line markers. Suitable for any construction use – from laying out floor plans on a construction site to marking lines on wooden boards for a long and precise cut. Made in Japan.

Detailed information

Product detailed description


Fine powdered chalk by TAKUMI with durable red pigment and excellent permanence for chalk line markers. Suitable for any construction use – from outlining floor plans to marking lines for long and precise cuts into wood, drywall, or tile marking. The chalk cannot be completely removed from surfaces. It is perfect for carpenters, masons, and painters.


Features of TAKUMI Chalk

✅ Red chalk color
✅ Fine powder
✅ Durable pigment
✅ For most chalk line markers
✅ Color permanence
✅ Cannot be completely removed
✅ Content 300 g
✅ Made in Japan

More about the TAKUMI brand

The history of the Takumi company began in 1936 in Hiroshima when Kamejiro Fujimoto started manufacturing special twisted yarns for ink pots. Today, besides producing quality chalk lines, it also manufactures refill powders and other special threads and yarns.

How to use a chalk line marker?

Insert the locking pin into the starting point and stretch the string to the mark. Then take the string colored with ink or chalk and "snap" it like a string. When the string hits the material, the color is released and you have your mark. An exact line for starting construction or for precise cutting of battens on the roof. The applications are countless. Want to know more?



Additional parameters

Category: Chalk Line Refills
Color: Red
Surface permanence: Permanent
Height: 195 mm
Width: 60 mm
Depth: 60 mm
Fill weight: 300 g
Weight: 330 g
Designed for: Dry surfaces
Quantity in package:1:
Made in: Japan