Replacement Ink BOKU-UNDO for Liner - 200 ml - Yellow

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Yellow marking ink from the Japanese company BOKU-UNDO 墨運堂 suitable not only for the Japanese lining pen. For any construction use from laying out floor plans to marking lines on wooden boards for a long and precise cut. Made in Japan.

Detailed information

Product detailed description


Premium brand marking ink from BOKU-UNDO with finely milled pigment and color fastness. It penetrates into building materials immediately and holds excellently after drying. Suitable for any construction use – from outlining floor plans to marking lines for long and precise cuts into wood, drywall, or marking tiles. Perfect for carpenters, masons, and painters.


Features of BOKU-UNDO Ink

✅ Bright yellow color
✅ Premium ink
✅ Finely milled yellow pigment
✅ Suitable for most ink snap lines
✅ Color fastness
✅ 200 ml
✅ Made in Japan

More about the BOKU-UNDO Brand

One of the few Japanese manufacturers of traditional Sumi calligraphy inks began its corporate history in 1805 when Kyubei Sumiya established a workshop and a solid ink shop in the city of Nara. Most of these black sticks are made from pine soot, which is produced by burning pine charcoal. At BOKU-UNDO, they strive for a traditional, yet modern approach to manufacturing the product so typical for Japan. Among other products manufactured by this company are also inks and chalks for snap lines

How to Use a Snap Line?

Insert the lock pin into the starting point and stretch the line to the mark. Then take the ink or chalk-coated string and "snap" it like a guitar string. Upon the string's impact on the material, the color is released and you have your marking. A precise line for laying out construction or for accurate cutting of roof battens. The uses are endless. Want to know more?


Additional parameters

Category: Chalk Line Refills
Color: Yellow
Height: 155 mm
Width: 60 mm
Depth: 40 mm
Volume: 200 ml
Weight: 241 g
Number in package: 1
Made in: Japan