Replacement Polyester Cord SHINWA Ø 0.8 mm - Spool 270 m

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Replacement polyester rope from the Japanese brand SHINWA in bright yellow color. Spool with a winding of 270 m. Rope diameter 0.8 mm.

Detailed information

Product detailed description

shinwa_logo_regalsReplacement Polyester Cord with a thickness of 0.8 mm, which you will find useful when the basic cord supplied with the snap line tool gets damaged. It is suitable when you do not work with the snap line tool every day and forget to rinse the cord from the ink - as the pigment sticks in the layers, the cord loses its absorption ability. That's exactly why there is a spool from SHINWA with a length of 270 meters, from which you can continuously cut the cord in preferred lengths. It is perfect for carpenters, masons, and painters.

Features of the SHINWA Cord

✅ Bright yellow color
✅ Strong polyester
✅ Resistant to sagging
✅ Diameter of the cord 0.8 mm
✅ Shape stability
✅ Length 270 m

More about the SHINWA brand

Shinwa Rules Co. Ltd. is a manufacturer of measuring instruments with factories in the cities of Tsubame and Sanjo in Niigata Prefecture - a region where metalworking production has been concentrated since the 16th century. Utilizing this location and metalworking techniques passed down from our ancestors, we have been manufacturing and selling reliable metal rulers and lining tools since the beginning of our business in 1971.

How to use the snap line tool?

Drive the locking pin into the starting point and stretch the cord to the mark. Then, take the cord colored with ink or chalk and "snap" it like a string. When the cord hits the material, the color is released, and you have your mark. A precise line for laying the foundation of a building or for accurate cutting of battens on the roof. The applications are numerous. Want to know more?


Additional parameters

Category: Chalk Line Refills
Reel length: 270 m
Height: 78 mm
Width: 78 mm
Depth: 50 mm
Weight: 121 g
Quantity in package: 1
Made in: China