Natural Small Amakusa Water Sharpening Stone - Grit 500 to 700

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Natural water stone Amakusa from Japan for sharpening scythes and sickles. The fine structure of the stone ensures very good honing of the edge. This stone is suitable for quick basic sharpening when working with tools. Medium coarseness.

Detailed information

Product detailed description


Japanese natural whetstone for wet sharpening of tools and kitchen knives. Stone type - Amakusa, which according to Japanese nomenclature suggests that it is of medium coarseness. Amakusa stones are white and red stones with characteristic red streaks, although this is not a rule. It is a type of fine sedimentary sandstone with a solid bond and fine grain, mined in the Amakusa prefecture.


Features of the AMAKUSA sharpening stone

✅ Basic sharpening stone
✅ Natural stone with fine grain
✅ Grain fineness approx 500-700
✅ Amakusa corresponds to coarse to medium coarseness
✅ Ideal for sharpening sickles and scythes
✅ Made in Japan

Which coarseness to choose?

For sharpening really blunt or uneven blades, use stones with a low JIS number (Japanese classification for grit size). The lower the number, the greater the coarseness of the stone. Stones with a high JIS number are intended for final and fine sharpening or smoothing.


  • #120 to #600 JIS: for blunt and uneven blades
  • #700 to #2000 JIS: for normal sharpening
  • #3000 to #5000 JIS: for fine sharpening of quality blades
  • #6000+ JIS: extremely fine stones for smoothing or removing scratches

Additional parameters

Category: Natural Stones
JIS Grit: 600, 500, 700
Type: Water
Length: 150 mm
Width: 41 mm
Height: 30 mm
Weight: 410 g
Stand in package: No
Number in package: 1
Made in: Japan