Steel angle SHINWA 45° with stop and internal right angle

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Miter square SHINWA with a right angle made of stainless steel. It is ideal for woodworking and easily marks angles of 90 and 45°. On the outer edge, it opens to an angle of 135°. This miter ruler is equipped with a stop and also a metric scale every 3 mm.

Detailed information

Product detailed description


Stainless steel protractor for precise measurement of basic angles when cutting material.



Features of the SHINWA miter protractor

✅ Stainless steel protractor with ruler
✅ Metric scale at 3 mm intervals
✅ Available angles 45, 90, and 135°
✅ Lightweight, compact, and practical
✅ Body made of stainless steel

Additional parameters

Category: Squares
Length: 170 mm
Width: 62 mm
Height: 15 mm
Scale: Metric every 3 mm
Angles: 45, 90 and 135°
Weight: 116 g
Material: Stainless steel
Quantity in package: 1